Winter Activities in Ontario

by Gary McWilliams (aka Winterman or Festival Nomad)

Ontario is a wonder place to enjoy winter! Yes, lots of people travel south to the warmer climates, but winter in Ontario can be a lot of FUN!

This article is dedicated to those who truly enjoy Ontario (Canadian) winters.

Curling is one of those winter activities that most people could enjoy. I’ve seen participants from the very young, to the very old! Technique is the answer!

In our area, The Blue Mountains, downhill skiing in the winter is the most popular sport! People from all over spend thousands, some millions, just to be close to the “mountains” (peaks).

Another popular winter sport is cross-country skiing. In our area the Scenic Caves Nordic Centre offers equipment rentals and groomed trails.

Snowboarding has now become very popular, especially among the younger generation. I’m not saying that it is limited to them, “but“!

My sister-in-law, Carol, loves to snowshoe. She says that it’s the best way to travel on winter trails. She should know, as she teaches winter camping to girl guides (BURR)

My friend, Tom, and I attended a local ice hockey game. Frankly, I had never been to one before! It was very exciting and I gained a greater appreciation of why hockey, playing and watching, is so loved around the world.

There are about 190 Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs throughout Ontario. Snowmobiling in rural Ontario has become a wonderful social outing. It’s amazing to drive by a rural restaurant and see the parking lot full of snowmobiles!

I think every Ontario community has a skating rink. Lots of Ontario family create rinks in their own backyards!

My Dad loved to ice fish. On occasion, he would take me with him. It would be cold outside, but inside the fish hut it would be quite warm. Back then, the fish were quite plentiful and, I think the ice might have been a little thicker than today. It was always very exciting when the “big one” was landed!

Ice Sculpting is not a skill that everyone enjoys, and it could be a “little” dangerous, but who doesn’t marvel at what those, who are skilled, can create!

Have a winter machine and it’s time to “snow race“! Racing in the snow with a snowmobile or a four wheeler is so much fun. Just make sure you are wearing proper equipment!

Speaking of “Winter Fun“, sliding on an ice slide can be cold but exhilarating!

How about the Winter Fun of building a great Snowman? Have “pipe, scarf and carrot“, and a fabulous Snowman is about to appear!

Of course, Snow Angels, are a MUST for Winter Fun! Just watch out for the yellow” snow!

Finally, a good Snowball fight is a Winter Fun highlight. Just make sure you make plenty of snowballs in advance of the “battle“!

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