Wasaga Beach Volleyball Tournament

by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

We were off to Wasaga Beach!

This was where the action was this weekend!

It was time for the Wasaga Beach Volleyball Tournament.

Everything was all set up.

The volleyball courts

The emergency response teams (hopefully not needed)…

The nets…

And, of course, the teams and their players.

Action was already well under way when we arrived.

Instructions were being shouted at as players returned their opponents serves and volleys.

It was very exciting to watch!

The volleyball tournament was not the only attraction this weekend.

Around the tournament there was a “carnival like” feeling.

There were food vendors for the hungry and rides for the kids.

Along the beach there were other activities available.

Paddle boarding and more…

One activity the caught my attention was “surf skimming“.

The object was to “skim” along the water towards a jump.

It was fun to see how some made the jump…

and some, well, let’s just say, that the “emergency response team” were nearby!

It was another great day at the beach… Wasaga Beach!

The above video shows some of the “volleyball fun” at the Beach!