Wasaga Beach FOAM FEST

by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

Here we are in Wasaga Beach, ready for some fun!

We were on the beach for FOAM FEST!

What, the heck is FOAM FEST, you might ask?

Believe me, before Judi and I arrived on the beach, we had no idea what we were going to witness!

What a “blast“!

On the beach, we followed registered contestants to the start gate.

Behind the start gate was a “sea” of people.

All being “revved” up by the event’s announcer!

The front of the gate was foaming “mountains” of bubbles!

The countdown began ” ten…nine…eight” and finally “zero“!

And they were off!  Hundreds of contestants streamed through the FOAM!

Now the challenges began!

Men, women and children, all eager to win, or at least, complete the course!

There were many obstacles to conquer!

Water slides, fences, foam streams, rope climbs, to name a few.

There was even a “water” hazard!

Contestants “slipped and slid” into the water.

The last “challenge” was a big one!

Long line-ups were formed for “conquering” the “big one“!

It was for the “Death Drop” slide!

After the giant slide, contestant ran (or walked) to the finish line. After all, it was a 5K race!

After crossing the finish line, participants collected their “completion” medallions.

Some event mount the stage and had their photos taken!

What a fun day for all! Above is our exclusive Wasaga Beach FOAM FEST video.