Thornbury Regatta

by Judi (Scoop) McWilliams

It was going to be fun to watch!

And, it was happening in our community!

… in our harbour.

It was the Laser Fall Race.

One by one, the small sail boats (Lasers) left the harbour.

It was exciting to watch.

Participants from all over had come to race.

Slowly each individual sailor joined the “mob

They were way off in the distance, so it was difficult to tell how many racers there were.

As they raced, they became tiny specks to the naked eye.

I concentrated to see them float through the water.

Others were also there, to watch the race… some with binoculars…

… some were watching and videoing the race with cameras with a telephoto lens.

Whatever way the race was watched, it was a great experience. To bad I wasn’t in one of the Lasers, my “passion” as a youth!