The Blue Mountains ~ Apple Pie Trail


by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

The below video tells the rest of the TALE!

“This video is as SWEET as APPLE PIE!”


The “sweet smell” of “apple pies baking” filled the air!

To be honest with you, it was the “thought” of “apple pies baking” that actually filled my mind! You see, we were off to explore the Apple Pie Trail and to discover its “mysteries and treasures”!



“Apple Orchards surround the Village of Clarksburg.”


We had been living in the Blue Mountains area for over a year, so we were aware that this was “Apple Country”. You can drive in any direction (actually you can’t go “north” unless your car is amphibious ~ the waters of Georgian Bay stand or float in your way!) and find plenty of “apple orchards”! When we lived in Cobourg, there was the “Apple Route” to the east. I thought that it was Ontario’s biggest apple region (and, of course, there was the “BIG APPLE” in Colborne!). However, having driven several times through the Blue Mountains and its Apple Region, I have come to the conclusion that Apple Route is smaller in comparison.

Back to the Apple Pie Trail!



“Beautiful Georgian Bay lays north of the Apple Trail'”

We left Thornbury and wound our way through Clarksburg. Many people refer to Clarksburg as “Artsburg” because of its large number of art galleries and studios, but I tend to think of it as “Applesburg”. It’s amazing the number of apple orchards that surround this quaint village.



“Transporting apples from the orchards.”


We were now on the Apple Pie Trail.

The aroma of apples captured our senses as we approached the “Farmers PantryApple Orchard. Cars were parked everywhere, including the busy county road! No matter, people were there to “pick” apples. Hundreds of “pickers” scrambled about the apple orchard, filling their baskets as full as possible. A few apples even filled some of the pickersmouths”. Inside the “Farmers Pantry” store, visitors pushed their way looking for some enticing treat.



“Plenty of ART in Clarksburg!”


Back on the Trail.

In the Village of Heathcote we found the “Blackbird Pie Company”! Inside the store, there really was the “sweet smell” of “freshly baked” apple pies. No. I wasn’t dreaming and yes, we did buy an apple pie, plus other “goodies” that I won’t mention. I don’t want to ruin the surprises that are in store for when you visit Heathcote and the Pie Company!



“The Farmers Pantry was very popular!”


More Trail!

Stop! There’s a big turtle crossing the road!” Judi yelled. I wanted to reply “Why was it crossing the road” (you know the old “chicken” joke!), but I thought better of it! There really was a “big turtle” on the roadway and Judi wanted me to stop so that she could help make it safe. I stopped. We were in the Village of Kimberly. After a short time, the “rescue” was completed and our friend “the turtle” would live to cross another road!



“In Heathcote you can not only buy Apple Pie, but you can kayak on the nearby river!”


The rest of our journey was “tame” in comparison to our start. The only “breathtaking” incident was the view of Georgian Bay, from the top of the Blue Mountains.

Oh yes, there was another “breathtaking” moment. It was when we “raced” down the winding mountainside, tire “squealing”, as we rounded each “sharp curve” in the road! Finally we safely reach the bottom. It all because of my “expert” driving “skills”! Well, perhaps NOT! Our “safe” trip down the mountain was likely because Judi “made” me drive below the “speed” limit! So much for being “Macho Nomad”!



“We weren’t kidding there WAS a BIG turtle on the road!”


The Blue Mountains ~ Apple Pie Trail will never be the same!


 APT 8

“You want to RACE down that?”

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