Sweetwater Festival at Wye Marsh (Video)

by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

It’s funny, we had driven past the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre but has never gone in!

There’s a simple explanation, the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre is right next door the Saint~Marie among the Hurons.

In fact, it shares the same driveway off Hwy 12. We have visited Saint~Marie a number of times.

However, back to our story! Wye Marsh holds the Sweetwater Festival each spring.

As I mentioned, we had never visited the , so we thought that this would be a fun way to visit it.

As their website says, the Sweetwater Festival is much more that an average maple syrup festival.

Actually, get from the parking lot to the Centre’s entry was a lot of fun!

We road up in a horse drawn wagon!

Once there, it as a short walk to the Visitor’s Centre.

Inside the Visitor’s Centre everything was set for the event.

Just outside the back entrance, volunteers were cooking pancakes.

Beyond that were the Wye Marsh trails.

Visitors were walking the trails, exploring the Wye Marsh!

Off one of the trails was the Marsh’sSugar Shack“.

Inside the Shack, volunteers were showing visitors how maple syrup was produced.

Judi was getting her own close up view!

Outside the Shack they has set up an open fire and were boiling the maple sap to old fashion way.

Close by people were making their own maple taffy.

We had a lot of fun at the Sweetwater Festival and were grateful that we had had a chance to visit this wonderful Wildlife Centre!

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