Port Hope Santa Claus Parade

by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad ~ aka Winterman)

You have all heard the phrase, “Santa’s Coming to Town“!

That’s what happens each year in most Ontario towns.

And, you can count Port Hope as one of those communities.

When we lived in the Port Hope area, we always tried to join the festive “Santa” crowds.

Welcoming Santa in November or December, is like welcoming flowers in the spring!

You know, the “Rights of Spring“! Or, if you wish, the “Rights of Christmas“!

What better way of celebrating the holiday season than to welcome the “Jolly Old Man“, himself, to town!

Besides, it’s a great way to get out and meet up with your neighbours!

Beside Santa, you don’t know who you will see in the parade!

It could be your Granddaughter!

Your next door neighbours!

Or, maybe even, a “Festival Nomad Correspondent“! It could happen, who knows!

Whoever you see, or whoever you know, you will always enjoy welcoming Santa to town!

But, remember “to be good“! He’ll know if you’re NOT!