Port Credit Boat Show

by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

We were in Port Credit to visit an art show.

When I looked across the road, I noticed that there was a Boat Show.

If you know anything about Scoop (Judi) and me, you’ll know that we love boating!

Scoop grew up sailing (her parents owned a fast racing sailboat).

As a kid, she actually took sailing lessons at the same marina where the Boat Show was being held.

As for me, I grew up with power boats (stink pots to sailors).

It seemed, in the summer, I was always in or on the water! Boating, as a kid, was my solitude.

So it was natural for us to visit the Port Credit Boat Show after our tour of the Art Show.

The Show displayed all types of boats.

I was in “boat heaven“!

As we walked through the show, all kinds of memories came back to me!

As a kid, exploring Lake Boshkung in a runabout with a 5hp motor.

Or, as a teenager, slalom water skiing behind my Dad’s outboard motorboat.

Such memories made the Port Credit Boat Show even more memorable!

I know that Scoop had her own childhood memories, different from mine, but just as memorable!