Peterborough Garden Show

by Judi “Scoop” McWilliams

Each year spring comes early in Peterborough! The Peterborough Garden Show leads the way!

On our trips to the Garden Show, we were accompanied by the Stephenson’s, Laurence and Barbara.

Although they are great friends and fun to be with…

… we had an arterial motive! Barb is a “gardener extraordinaire“! I mean, she “really” knows her “stuff“!

I “love” flowers, but I tend to let them… well let’s just say that they do not do well in my care!

That being said, I love to be among flowers and plants and I love taking their photographs.

I also love learning about flowers, that’s why being with Barb and Laurence is always so special!

The Peterborough Garden Show is the perfect backdrop for my search for knowledge.

They, of course, have wonderful displays and knowledgeable vendors.

Most interesting, for me, were the live demonstrations.

With Barb there, I was able to get a greater understanding and appreciation for Barb’s passion!

However, the show wasn’t just for Barb and me, Laurence and Gary had their passions satisfied!

No, it’s not what you are thinking, both love to take photographs, and the Peterborough Garden Show gave them plenty of amazing photo opportunities!

If you love flowers, plants and gardens, the Peterborough Garden Show is a great way to get your “horticultural fix“!

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