Meaford Scarecrow Invasion


by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

Each fall the Town of Meaford is invaded by scarecrows! Residents are or not sure where they come from, but hundreds come to town, hang from lamppost, lookout from store windows and crow the town’s sidewalks.

They are also visible on the outskirts of town!

Each year they dress in different costumes, but residents know that they are the same scary invades that come each year.

Residents have come to accept them because they draw visitors from far and wide.

They have accepted them so much, that they now throw a parade to honour them!

The amazing thing about the Meaford Scarecrow Invasion is that everyone seems not to be afraid! They seem to enjoy the event!

Not only does the fire department welcome them, but so do the kids of the town!

The scarecrow invaders even brought a movie crew to town to film their mischief!

They served popcorn during they filming!

Celebrities came to town just to see what was happening!

People were crowded on park hills, just to see who was in town!

Officials at Meaford Hall even welcome the scarecrow invaders!

As fall drifts on, more celebrities came to town.

Rumors of each invasion reach the rural areas and many farmers travel to town just to witness the spectacle!

Even famous Rock Stars are attracted to Meaford in the fall.

All in all the Scarecrow Invasion is a great party, but people eventually become tired and need to rest.

Well, it’s been great “hanging” with you, may we’ll “hang” with you again this Fall.

Who knows maybe we’ll photograph more famous Scarecrow Invaders!

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