Lindsay Lilac Festival


by Judi “Scoop” McWilliams

Finding the Festival

For many years the Nomad and I have traveled to Lindsay to visit a number of their festivals and events. Over the years, we have even boated on the waterways through the Lindsay Locks (part of the Trent Severn Waterways). When we heard about the Lindsay Lilac Festival, we decided that it was about time to visit this very successful festival!

We followed the signs along the roadways that were placed throughout town and soon found our way to the festival site. The Lindsay Lilac Festival was located in the Logie Street Park.

The morning, as we started out was grey and cloudy, but as we arrived early afternoon, the skies had opened up a little and the glorious warm sun shone through! As we rolled down our windows to take a few pictures of the signs and entrance.

We were instantly welcomed with the sweet smells of the lilac trees. The festival’s parking lot was made in a grassy area and was well coordination by young cadets (in full uniform with red berets).

They directed us to a close spot to park near the festival entrance. We did not know what to expect from the Lindsay Lilac Festival, but soon found out.

Inside the Festival…

At the entrance was a trailer and along side there were a number of lilac trees were being offered for sale.

I had recently heard, from a professional gardener, that the prices when purchasing trees/plants vary somewhat depending on the size of the item. If you buy a smaller lilac tree in a pot, it can be in the $30 range. It could work up into the hundreds, as the tree grows!

The professional said to me that you are “buying time”. If you can wait 10 years or so, you too can have a mature tree! With free admission, or your choice of a donation to support the Gardens and Festival, we were awed by the beauty and surroundings.

Here we found ourselves amongst lush grounds and over 600 lilacs and over 120 varieties. I have never been in one spot where the colours, shapes and sizes varied so much.

It was fantastic! As we walked through the festival, we could hear music in the distance. However, before reaching the music, we were drawn to a large tent that housed an art show featuring more than 28 artists.

The range in styles here was great and offered a lot to admire or bring home.

A Lot to Offer…

The Lindsay Lilac Festival was well organized and they had a great program, map and schedule. It was clear that many sponsors assisted with this wonderful weekend.

It truly was a community and volunteer collaboration and reflected in the great organization of the entire festival. When we did reach the music tent, there was ample seating, in the sun or shade.

The musicians at the time attended were fantastic. We sat and listened for a while and then continued our journey through the park. A stop at the souvenir booth proved to be fun.

Then we were hit by a huge sign that welcomed up to the Lilac Gardens of Lindsay. This is where you could walk at your own pace and take in all the smells, sights and sounds.

Although the Lindsay Lilac Festival had a full line-up of entertainment, we did not get to see it all. The Tea Garden was most elegant.

It wasn’t “roped off” but had lavender coloured ribbon rapped around the trees, leading to the Tea Garden. Ladies, were dressed with beautiful flowing dresses and wonderful straw and lilac decorated hats, served “tea” with antique tea china cups from antique pots.

The whole nine yards, as it were. Our hats are off to the organizers and volunteers of the Lindsay Lilac Festival. It was a wonderful Spring Lilac Day to remember!

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