Hanover Sights and Sounds Festival

by Judi “Scoop” McWilliams

There is something about a Soap Box Derby that I love.

Maybe it’s the “homemadeSoap Box Cars

Maybe it’s the thrill of the race…

Or, maybe it’s just the excitement of the kids and their parents!

Whatever the reason, the Nomad (Gary) and I wanted to experience the Derby first hand!

We were fortunate that my sister, KC “Shadow” Caron was visiting us, and that she was excited to be part of the Soap Box DerbyDREAM TEAM“!

We had known about the Derby and the Sights and Sounds Festival for some time.

After all, we had heard great things about Hanover and the Hanover Festival ,

and, they was on our “must see” community and festival list.

The Hanover Sights and Sounds Festival is not just the Soap Box Derby.

There is definitely lots of other fun things to do and experience… music, dancing, car show and more!

Also, Hanover is a great place to visit any time of the year… great stores, beautiful parks and the Hanover Raceway.

But, during the Festival, the main street is closed off, with hay bales at the side of the road.

Fortunately the road slopes down into the downtown core and give a perfect “raceway” for the kids to travel down on!

Hanover is lucky to have a great Rotary Club, who organize the Derby each year.

So, there the three of us were, ready for the racing to begin.

We were stationed at different locations along the the “raceway“.

We were ready to “capture” the action!

The flag dropped and the racers were off down the hill!

This race seemed to by over all too soon, but another one was about to begin!

Everyone, participants and fans all had a wonderful time!

Once all the racing had been complete, the crowd dispersed to enjoy other Festival activities.

We walked back up the hill to the Hanover Heritage Square. This was where most of the activities were taking place….

Dunk Tank, Kids Zone, Bandshell and Car Show were all there to enjoy!

We, on the other hand, we tired and needed to “relax“. The “shaded” park was the perfect place to stop and “reflect” on the day’s “Sights and Sounds“!