Georgian Bay Apple Trail

by Judi “Scoop” McWilliams

Georgian Bay Apple Trail ~ Oh Canada Eh! Game video.”
In the Spring…
It all begins in the spring… Apple Blossom time! You might think that all you have to do is to drive into apple country in the spring and you’ll find apple trees with blossoms.
“Clarksburg is where we started our SPRING Apple Trail Tour.
Unfortunately that is not the case. We needed to drive into apple country several times before we found apple blossoms, If we hadn’t been out looking, we likely would have missed seeing them!
“One of the many apple orchards along the Georgian Bay Apple Trail.”
As it was, the apple blossoms were only around for a few days. Driving through the Blue Mountains and the beautiful apple orchards reminded us why we were so happy moving to this area.
“The home of the Red Prince apples.”
Driving around apple country you begin to realize just how many varieties there are available. One particular orchard seemed to grow numerous types.
Red Prince apples were exclusive to this orchard!”
 It was amazing to see the types of apples that were being grown… Red Prince, Mcintosh, Empire, Cortland, Delicious, Spy, Honeycrisp and more!
“Unfortunately the beauty was only there for a few short days!”
Seeing so many apple blossoms at one time is breath taking, especially when you are in the top over a mountain, looking down at both the blossoming orchards and the lake (Georgian Bay) below.
 “Each row of apple trees seemed to go on forever!” 
In the Fall…
In the fall apples on the trees start to rippen. Our Apple Trail journey begins again.
“Clarksburg is where our FALL Apple Trail Tour begins!”
Red and green apples cause the tree limbs to “sag“! Harvest time is right around the corner!
“You can see the rows of apple trees and the Bay beyond!”
We travel once more to the top of the mountain. This time to marvel at the rows of apple trees rich with freshly grown fruit!
Red Prince apples were almost ready.”
As we travel from orchard to orchard, we saw that workers were preparing for the harvest.
“Containers were ready for the apples.”
Judi and I were surprised by the different methods of harvesting the apples!
“Picking apples
Some of the apple orchards were more modern and used motorized lifts, while others used ladders. Each seemed to be effective.
“Ladders were lined up, ready for apple picking!”
When the apples were ready for picking, the harvest was on in earnest! Workers set about picking the apples and storing them in large containers.
“Trailers full of apple containers were pulled along Blue Mountain roads.”
Traveling the Georgian Bay Apple Trail roads in the fall is definitely a wonderful experience! Workers busy picking apples… Tractors pulling loads of apples to storage or markets… Apple stands loading up for hungry customers! 
“The apples are ready!”
Now the real CHALLENGE begins!
“The apples are there!”
“The apples are ready to take!”
Do we EAT them? You DECIDE!
At the Blue Mountain Apple Pie Trail…
“Video and photo taken at the Blue Mountain Apple Pie Trail event.”

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