Dominion Day ~ Lang Pioneer Village Museum


by Gary McWilliams (Festival Nomad)

I Met the Prime Minister….

I talked with the Prime Minister today! No, not the present Prime Minister!

It was our first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald!

Actually, it wasn’t the “originalSir John A., (he’s been dead for 120 years), it was none other than Joe Corrigan, then manager of Lang Pioneer Village Museum, who had dressed up today to play the part of our first leader.

Lang Pioneer Village Museum was holding its Dominion Day Celebrations.

As you may know, for many years Judi and I have been visiting a number of communities on July 1st, Canada Day.

Judi had been volunteering at Lang, so I thought that I would “tag” along and see what Lang’s Celebrations were all about.

I’m glad that I did!

Not only did I get to meet and talk with our first Prime Minister, I got to witness Fenian Raid.

This was a skirmish between the Fenians (the IRA -Irish republican Army) and the British Red Coats.

Lots of Activities…

In addition to these attractions, Lang’s now manager, Laurie Siblock, had arranged plenty of other activities.

There were, of course, performers on the stage on the Village Green.

That included a wonderful talk about Sir John A. by Joe Corrigan.

There was even birthday cake served there, to help celebrate the day!

Most of the Village’s buildings offering something of interest. At the Milburn House, I sampled “Red Current Cake“. At the Hastie Carpenter Shop, I saw how a “spring-pole lathe” worked.

I sampled “fresh vegetable soup” that had been made in the open fireplace in the Fitzpatrick House. Over at the Fife Cabin, visitors were making “dipped candles” at the outdoor fire pit. The Register Print Shop was printing “Vote Macdonald” posters.

In the Glen Alda Church, Sher Letooze, told visitors about some of the historical characters that helped “Make the Nation“. The list goes on and on! I had a great time at the Lang Pioneer Village’s Dominion Day Celebrations and, I got to meet Sir John A. Macdonald!

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