Discovery Harbour Pumpkinferno

Discovery Harbour is a great place to visit!

It’s located in the town of Penetanguishene, on Georgian Bay.

They host a bunch of events, year round, fun for the whole family!

That’s why we “jumped” at the chance to the opening of Pumpkinferno!

We knew that this was going to be a lot of fun, so we invited our friends, Lory and Al, to join us.

Judi was a bit nervous, she’s not that fond of scary things, perhaps you can relate!

However, she’s a “trooper” so we set off on our “scaryPumpkinferno adventure.

It started off, slowly (not scary) with a few jack-o-lanterns.

It was a very dark night, so all the Pumpkinferno features were easy to see.

Pumpkin-headed guards…

Fires on the bay…

And then, Pumpkinferno was “kicked-up” a notch!

It was especially good for the kids… candy!

And for the the adults, not too scary!

Judi was even enjoying herself?

Making new FRIENDS!


We move along, but at this point, Judi and Lory decided that Al and I should have the fun (scary)!

We entered a dark (really dark) enclosure.

That’s when the “real fun” began!

Along the way, Al and I too, met new FRIENDS!

Each “new friend” had lots of “character“!

They all had unique personalities!

Some seemed a bit “troubled“!

In the end, we all had a lot of fun (not too scary) and were glad we had experienced Discovery Harbour’s Pumpkinferno!

Below is a short video documenting our Pumpkinferno visit.