Curling in Ontario


by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

Sweep“… “Sweep“… the sound of shouting fills Ontario Curling Rinks!

In Canada, and especially in Ontario, “Curling” has become a “winter” passion!

The sounds that you hear are particular to the “Curling Rink“!

It’s amazing how many communities, large and small, have Curling Rinks.

Our small community of Thornbury now has “Curling Ice” and offers residents “Curling Lessons“.

Before Curlers can “take to the ice“, but first the “ice maker” must “make the ice“!

This is an “elaborate” process that takes “time” and “experience“.

Once the “ice” is ready, let the “games” begin!

The “Curling Stones” are neatly set up in the “hack“.

There are different coloured “stones” for each team, eight stones each, two teams.

Most indoor clubs have an enclosed “viewing” area. Hey, it’s winter and most people lie to stay warm when their sitting down having a “cold one“!

The players on the “ice” don’t need the warmth (the ice would melt if they) and besides they are working up a “sweat” just playing!

The game of “Curling” takes a lot of strategy and finesse, and all members of the team take part in the process.

Most people who Curl like to participate in tournaments called “Bonspiels“.

This is were many teams from different area get together to compete. It’s normally just for “bragging rights“, but Curling has become so popular nationally and internationally that it’s now a “high paying” sport.

Like “golf“, the after game comradery is part of the “character” of the sport.

Sweep“… “Sweep“… “Good Game“!

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