Centurion Blue Mountain Cycling Race

by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

I’ve got to admit, I was really excited!

It was the day for the Centurion Blue Mountain Cycling Race and I was going to capture it!

By “capturing it“, I, of course, meant take Judi and I were going to take lots photos and videos.

The start was amazing, but…

… the valley (Redwing) where we set up was spectacular!

In the valley, our first hint of the race was when a motorcycle cop, leading 4 cyclists passed us!

Then came the main group of riders!

The “swoosh” of tires against the pavement filled the air, what a moment!

After racing down the hill, it then up the steep hill!

The first 4 race leaders yelled to the cop to move faster! But…

… after them, many had difficulty maintaining speed up the hill.

After most of the racers had passed our vantage point, we left the “valley” to find the “refreshment” station.

Here volunteers handed tired racers cool water and Gatorade.

Then, the racers were off to the “finish“.

What a great day! We will be looking for more in the future!

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