Canal Days
Port Colborne | Ontario | Canada
by Judi “Scoop” McWilliams
“Video of our visit to the City of Port Colborne.”
Over the past few years we have heard a lot about Port Colborne and its “Canal Days” festival, but were never available to experience either the city or its festival. This year was different. 
PC Photo 10
“We crossed over the Welland Canal into the city.”
At Port Colborne’s city hall, we met Michelle Cuthbert, our Port Colborne contact. From the city hall, Michelle drove us to the “HH Knoll Lakeview Park” and the “Sugarloaf Marina”.
PC Photo 1
“Today’s action starts here!”
As soon as we reached the park and marina, we knew that we were in for a great day! Several “Kites” were flying high and the Kite demonstration still hadn’t started! The Kite demonstration and competition is one of the key events that marked “Canal Days” as a very special event!
PC Photo 3
“Flying high!”
Canal Days visitors gathered in HH Knoll Lakeview Park to view the “High Flying” kites.
PC Photo 2
“Beautiful HH Knoll Lakeview Park was filled with spectators.”
While in the park we were able to enjoy the park’s many amenities ~ gardens, playground, trails. Lots to see and do!
 PC Photo 4
“Port Colborne City Hall”
After a short visit to the Port Colborne City Hall, we set out for the Port Promenade and the heart of the Canal Day festival.
PC Photo 7
“Walking the Port Promenade.”
We follow the crowd walking the Promenade
PC Photo 5
“The tall ship ~ Empire Sandy.”
Several unique ships lined the Port Promenade ~ the Buffalo Fire Department Fire Boat Edward M. Cotter; the tall ship, Empire Sandy; cruise ship, the Hamilton Harbour Queen. Other activities were also taking place ~ lots of vendors sell a variety of products; musicians playing for the crowd; and there was even a golf ball hitting contest where participates had to hit a golf ball over the Welland Canal onto the opposite shore!
PC Photo 8
“Fabulous classic cars filled the park!”
The next day we were able to visit Canal Days massive Car Show. As we walked through the HH Knoll Lakeview Park we were able to inspect the amazing automobiles that where on view. Owners stood (or sat) by their vehicles ready the “bragg’ about the “babies”! Many of the cars brought back fond memories!
 PC Photo 9
“Beautiful home graced the tree lined streets.”
Before leaving Port Colborne, we decided to take on last drive along the residential streets of Port Colborne. Magestic homes were admired (and photographed), a tribute to our visit to a city “Where business and lifestyle are a perfect match“! (Mayor John Maloney)
PC Photo 12
“Canal Days Craft Show at the Vale Health and Wellness Centre.”
As we crossed the Welland Canal bridge, Judi noticed a sign directing visitors to the Canal Days Craft Show. We decided to go to the Vale Health and Wellness Centre to check it out. Craft booths containing a collection of creations filled the area floor! Too many “goodies“, so little “time“.
Many activites and other events were taking place at this great Festival. Be sure to check their website for next year’s activites, join the fun! We simply ran out of time to enjoy it all! 
PC Photo 11
“Judi posses with Michelle Cuthbert and Mayor John Maloney.”
Our sincere thanks go to all the wonderful people we met and spoke with on our visit to the City of Port Colborne. Make sure you put a visit to Port Colborne on your “Places to VisitBucket List!

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