Canada Day ~ Clarksburg/Thornbury!

by Judi “Scoop” McWilliams

You’ve got to love it!

Two Canada Day celebrations, just minutes apart!

It all happens in The Blue Mountains, or should I say, Clarksburg and Thornbury!

Canada Day starts in Clarksburg.

First, there’s a pancake breakfast.

While this is happening, there’s lots of music and games.

After all the parade participants form up, the Canada Day parade begins!

The Canada Day parade starts in Clarksburg.

Canadian flags can be seen everywhere!

And, the pipes and drums are filling the air!

This parade includes a lot of fun participants, a dog riding a skateboard…

… horses and riders…

… classic cars…

and, even a flag carrying cow!!

As the parade moved on from Clarksburg, we rushed northward to Thornbury!

The parade was about to reach Thornbury.

We wanted to be part of the welcoming crowd!

After all the parade participants had reach Thornbury, the Canada Day party began!

There was music being played on the main street and food being served in the downtown parking area.

The classic and antique cars that had been in the parade were lined up for all to admire!

As an added treat, Gord Price, local fighter pilot and Canadian Aerobatic champ, performed his exhilarating art show.

Everyone was mesmerized by his skill and daring!

What an awesome Canada Day! Two celebrations to enjoy, Clarksburg and Thornbury!

Happy Canada Day!