ARTZscape by the Bay
Sarnia | Ontario | Canada
by Judi McWilliams (aka Judi “Scoop” McWilliams)
“Video and photos taken at ARTZscape by the Bay, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.”
Fortunately finding Sarnia Centennial Park was easy!
ARTZscape 1
“Sarnia Centennial Park”
This was where ARTZscape by the Bay was being held. We had problem finding the right parking lot. Bob Grimshaw was there to show us where to park.
ARTZscape 2
“Welcome to ARTZscape by the Bay!”
As soon as we had parked, event organizer, Sandi Grimshaw (Bob’s better half) welcomed us to ARTZscape by the Bay. She had been expecting us!
ARTZscape 3
“Sandi Grimshaw welcomed us.”
A map of the grounds showed us where everything was located.
ARTZscape 4
“Show location map”
Gary and I decided to start our explorations. The show set-up was very well thought out. Our first stop was one of the many booths located north of the parking lot.
ARTZscape 5
“Our first stop ~ Artistic Expressions”
After that, we follow the “booth” trail, discovering more great art and artisans!
ARTZscape 6
“Following the ‘booth’ trail!”
There was so much to see and admire!
ARTZscape 8
“Great art to inspect!”
We decided to take the path south of the parking lot, much more to see and investigate!
ARTZscape 9
“Following the ART path”
ARTZscape by the Bay offers so many excellent and unique artists and artisans. We followed the path through Centennial Park, stopping to admire the what was being offered.
ARTZscape 10
“One of the many ARTZscape vendors.”
As Gary mnetioned in his “Sarnia Visited” article (click HERE to read), we were honoured to cruise the St. Clair River on Bob and Heather Martin’sDock Martin” cruiser. We were able to get a great view of the ARTZscape festival grounds from the water! This wonderful experience was arranged by Bob and Sandi Grimshaw. What a fabulous treat!
“View from the Doc Martin”
As we toured the various ARTZscape paths and explored the numerous art, I couldn’t help thinking how lucky we were to be enjoying this experience. The organizers of ARTZscape by the Bay had certainly created a wonderful venue for both artists and art admirers!
ARTZscape 12
“Interesting art creations dominated the festival!”
It was exciting to walk along the waterfront trail. I couldn’t help noticing all the people enjoying a sunny day in the park, many stopping to watch all the boats, as they “paraded” up and down the St. Clair River!
ARTZscape 13
“Enjoying the sunshine!”
Another enjoyable aspest of the park were the gardens. The array of colour and shapes were breathtaking!
ARTZscape 14
“The gardens were beautiful!”
In addition to the great artists and artisans, ARTSscape provided entertainment for festival visitors, a “fairy” performed her magic!
ARTZscape 15
“Fairy magic!”
The food and beverage tent provided visitors with live music.
ARTZscape 16
“The Gypsy Flats perform”
On Saturday night, after the event had closed, ARTZscape organizers with food and drink and had a chance to get to know one another better!
ARTZscape 17
“After show gathering”
ARTZscape by the Bay is an amazing art and artisan show and sale, managed and organized, as a fundraising project, by Pathways Health Centre for Children.
ARTZscape 19
“Standing with Pathways Executive Director, Jenny Greensmith and Tracy Drysdale, Pathways Marketing Manager.”
Pathways Health Centre for Children is located in Sarnia. Here is an excerpt from Pathways website ~ What we do: During your time with Pathways, you and your child may participate in home programming, parent training, consultation with other providers, and individual or group therapy.  These are all very important elements of service delivery.  In every case, we take a team approach! “ For full details about Pathways, please visit their website at
ARTZscape 20
“Pathways Health Centre for Children facilities”
For more information about ARTZscape by the Bay, visit their website at Below is our Ontario Visited You Tube video showing videos and photos taken during our visit to the City of Sarnia.
“Oh Canada Eh! Game video ~ Photos and video taken during our visit to Sarnia.”

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