Applefest at Lang Pioneer Village Museum


by Gary McWilliams ( aka Festival Nomad)

Fall at the Village

It’s always great when you can combine two of your favorite things…a fall event and a visit to the Lang Pioneer Village Museum.

That’s what happened when we traveled north to Keene and Lang Pioneer Village Museum and its annual “Applefest”!

This was going to be a special day because my daughter Ainsley, her husband Eddy and our three grandchildren were joining us. This was exciting because the whole family had never been to the village.

My oldest grandson had accompanied me to Christmas by Candlelight a few years before, but none of the others had.

Judi and I arrived early, as Judi had agreed to volunteer for the day selling raffle tickets to help raise monies for the new Weavers Building.

Ainsley, Eddy and the family arrived shortly afterwards and I excitedly began to show them around the Village.

The Tour Begins!

When I visit Lang Pioneer Village Museum, I like to start with visiting the Milburn House.

I like it because there is usually something cooking in the oven with wonderful aromas filling the air. We weren’t disappointed today.

From the Milburn House we started to move to other buildings throughout the Village.

First the Hastie Carpenter Shop, Tinsmith Shop and then into the Fitzpatrick House. What amazed me were the great questions that all the kids asked.

It was obvious that they were having a lot of fun and were very interested in what they were seeing and experiencing.

It made me feel very proud! Watching the expression on the grandchildren’s faces, as we entered each new building, was priceless!

One of the funniest moments came at the old school house. Apples had been hung on strings and were dangling from a tree.

The object was to bit into the apple without using your hands. I can tell you that there were a lot of apples swinging by the time one of the apples was finally captured!

This by the youngest grandson! He was very persistent, to say the least! Another treat the whole family enjoyed was the horse drawn wagon hayride. We all climbed aboard and enjoyed our tour of the Village.

The kids also enjoyed watching wood turners demonstrating on “old fashioned” lathes.

They were making wooden spinning tops for children (young and old) visiting the event. Each of the kids received a freshly made top to play with.

One of the final buildings we visited was the “Cider Mill“. It would be impossible to visit an Applefest without experiencing fresh cider pressing demonstrations at the Cider Mill.

As the apples were pressed, the apple juice flowed. After we finished the tour around the Village we came back to the visitor centre where the “Solina Road Bluegrass Band” was playing.

The day was getting cool and overcast and we were simply running out of day light.

The kids were hesitant and reluctant to leave but were excited to hear about the possibilities of returning to Lang Pioneer Village Museum to enjoy other wonderful events and the Village itself. All in all, it was a wonderful fun filled day!

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